Tightfit Stables
3087 Tightfit Road
Baxter, TN 38544

1 hour private                $35

1 hour group                   $25

1/2 hour private               $25

5 Group lesson can be purchased for $100
must be used within 6 weeks of purchase
Students are required to wear a safety
helmet, long pants, and shoes with heels
during lessons
Cancellation Policy

Lessons must be cancelled at least 6 hours prior to the scheduled
lesson time or the full amount for the lesson will be charged.
Equitation Over Fences under 3'
Hunter Under Saddle
Hunter Over Fences under 3'
Jumping under 3'
Ground/Horsemanship Lessons
Ground Schooling
Western Horsemanship
Western Pleasure
Lesson Topics
Certified Horsemanship
Association Trainer